‘ Reflections ‘


‘Windows Series No2′ [2003 - 97 x 188cms; wool weft on a cotton warp]

Whilst in Chicago, we happened to drive past the most amazing mirror-fonted building. My poor husband looked at me and said: “We’re going to have to go and find this building, aren’t we?” He didn’t really need an answer …


‘Windows Series Nos 3 & 4′ [2006 - diptych, each 58 x 101cms; wool weft on a cotton warp]

I love reflections in windows, and American cities have particularly good examples. I spend so much time looking around at reflections my husband has to hang on to me, and guide me along the sidewalk..


‘Reflect 1′ [2010; 124 x 207cms; wool weft on cotton warp]

I am fascinated by reflections, any reflections, especially in buildings. Whilst on honeymoon in Paris we came across these, with their multiple reflections. It’s the contrast between the ultra modern and more traditional Parisian buildings, and the way they interconnect which is so absorbing. Where the curved glass fronted building to the right of the tapestry and the flat, but angled, glass building to the left intersect in the middle they reflect not only each other but also nearby stone buildings. The result is both an intricate, and complex, series of reflections within reflections; with the two modern buildings giving depth and a 3-dimensional quality to this 2-dimensional tapestry.


SAReflections Shanghai Skyscraper

‘Shanghai Skyscraper’ [2014; 21 x 10.5cms; silk, cotton and synthetic on cotton warp]

I was lucky enough to visit Shanghai recently. The night time light show on the ultra-modern skyscrapers produced some wonderful reflections.

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