‘Gallery Three’


‘Surface Slice’ [2005 - 117 x 208cms; woollen weft on a cotton warp]

When manipulated, this cropped ‘slice’ from the neck of a brown pot speckled with blues, led to a fantastic array of colours, shapes and patterns.


‘Metamorphosis’ [2007 - quartet, each 25 x 25cms; woollen weft on a cotton warp]

Here I’ve combined my signature style of squares and rectangles with flowing, organic shapes. Through the four pieces shapes transmute from straight to curved, and colours from positive to negative.


‘Colour 5′ [2007 -143 x 111cms; woollen weft on a cotton warp]

I love any sort of reflections. A scarf and its coloured shadow reflected on a white wall was the starting point for this tapestry.   


‘Ring of Brodgar’ [1999 - 103 x 152cms; woollen weft on a cotton warp]

This is where it all began. My first computer manipulated design, and my first tapestry created out of a series of squares and rectangles. It was a fascinating experience watching it grow.

SARock Zion Canyon

‘Rock: Zion Canyon’ [2014 - 20 x 20cms; silk, cotton and synthetic on cotton warp]

Whilst the Grand Canyon is breath-taking, Zion Canyon is simply beautiful. The colours and strata patterns on the monumental rock formations are quite remarkable.

Sea Splash 1

‘Sea Splash 1′ [2014 - 20 x 20cms]

I love cruising, especially sea days. I can walk around the deck people-watching, then hang over the side watching the patterns the waves make as the ship moves through the water. The hard bit is taking a good photo.

Sea Splash 2

‘Sea Splash 2′ [2015 - 20 x 20cms]

The shapes and patterns the sea makes are fascinating – so intricate and constantly changing. It’s only when I begin weaving and need to mix my colours that I realise just how many there are.

Stones- Clovelly Beach

‘Stones, Clovelly Beach’ [2016 - 72 x 150cms]

A beautiful day on this lovely little beach. The tide had just gone out leaving the stones very wet, and they caught my eye. After manipulating I think they look more like cells under a microscope.

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