All Flora works are cotton, linen, silk weft on cotton warp ..

‘Raindrops’ [2009 - 17 x 35cms]

My garden is tiny, but full of my favourite plants. After a shower of rain, this Cotinus leaf looked wonderful.


‘Euphorbia’ [2011]

For me the design process is completely digital and, over the last ten years or so, I have often pixellated designs, turning them into a series of squares and rectangles. Although the original photographs were of representational imagery, I used small crops making the resulting tapestries abstract in design. More recently I decided to experiment using the pixellated design technique on representational subject matter. ‘Euphorbia’ is the result of the first such experiment. Seurat’s pointillist works have fascinated me for over thirty years, especially the way the subject matter disintegrates into thousands of small dots of pure colour the closer you get to them.


‘Hydrangea’ [2010 - 15.5 x 19cms]

Hydrangea flowerheads are full of individual flowerheads crowded so closely together it’s difficult to focus on a single floret. I wanted to show just how beautiful, and full of detail, they are. 


‘Dahlia’ [2010; 14 x 19cms]

I often pixellate a tapestry design, turning it into a series of squares and rectangles. Of late I have begun to experiment with combining pixellated and more organic, flowing shapes. I like the way the pixellated outer petals of this Dahlia flower disintegrate, without lessening the impact of the overall design. Indeed, they appear to bring the flower into high relief before the dark centre of the Dahlia seems to sink into the tapestry itself.


‘Buttercup’ [2011; 17 x 19.5cms]

Such a cheerful little flower, that we often overlook. I wanted the pixellated areas of the petals to blend into the centre of the flower.

SARaindrops 2

‘Raindrops 2′ [2014; 95 x 72cms]

We visited Hidcote Bartrim Gardens in the Cotswolds just after a heaver shower. I couldn’t resist this beautiful leaf.

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